Acura – Timing Belt

Acura Timing Belt Replacement & Repair – Wichita, KS

Dana Bergsten is our specialist who does most of the Acura repairs, including timing belts.

He is a natural born mechanic who has over 10 years in specifically repairing Acura vehicles. Due to the experience and skill in specializing in Acura’s

Customers are able to get more detailed advice, faster service and usually a much lower price than going to a regular dealership.

Replacing the timing belt on the average Acura can range from $499 to $1050, and at some dealers up to $1,600.

After inspecting the timing belt, it may be that the pulleys or tensioners need repair or replacement too. Even the water pump might have been affected in some Acura models.

Symptoms of A Timing Belt Issue

  • Squeaking noise
  • Car won’t start

We can give you a cost effective, honest answer as to what needs to be fixed or replaced. We’ll even show you so you know upon request.

Have Questions? Ask Tom & Dana! Call 316-440-5309

Have a question about an issue with your Acura vehicle or think your timing belt is going out? You can ask us in our F.A.Q. section, or just call the number above and tell us what’s wrong, we are happy to help you resolve your issue and keep your car in top performance.

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