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Luxury Import Specialist Team of Superheroes


Tom Sincissen Wichita
Tom Sincissen
Tom Sincissen is the Mercedes expert. He has 35 years of auto service experience, 14 years at the local Mercedes-Benz dealer. He is now Co-Founder and owner of one of the best luxury auto repair shops in Kansas.
Dana Bergsten Wichita Auto Tech
Dana Bergsten
Dana Bergsten is our Land Rover and Acura expert, he has worked closely with Tom for almost a decade doing luxury auto repair in Wichita and is now Co-owner and Co-founder of Luxury Import Specialists.
Keith Gallagher wichita
Keith Gallagher
Advanced Auto Technician
Originally from New Jersey, has 4 years experience on Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Possessing an associates degree of Applied Science in Automotive Technology, he has Mercedes-Benz factory training and has worked both at the Mercedes dealership and independent Mercedes shops. He is trained for bumper to bumper repairs on gasoline and diesel vehicles.
Sharee Sincissen
Sharee Sincissen
Sparkling Director of First Impressions
Sharee Sincissen is our amazingly kind and sweet office manager, customer service representative, scheduler and director of wonderful first impressions.
Dave Greger Wichita
Dave Greger
Lead Automotive Technician
Born and raised in Wichita, Kansas Dave Greger has over 40 years of dealership experience with Mercedes-Benz. He began working for the local Mercedes dealership in 1976 and has extensive knowledge of the Mercedes automobile, including achieving Master Technician status. Dave has been a Mercedes-Benz service adviser for over 25 years and enjoys providing customers with solutions for repair and maintenance needs and building long term relationships. He and his wife live in Wichita and have 3 children and 8 grand kids.
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Chris S.
10+ Years experience. Ase certification. Associate in Automotive technology enjoys outdoor activities and fishing. Born in Dallas, TX, and raised in Wichita, KS.
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