Lexus AC Service And Repair

Wichita Lexus AC Service And Repair

Lexus A/C systems may break over time, hoses may become weak and clogged if not serviced causing reduced cooling efficiency. Routine care will keep your Lexus AC system operating at peak performance year round!

Hints that your Lexus A/C system may be having problems:

• The temperature inside your Lexus takes longer to cool down than typical
• If your Lexus air blows air that is only when driving and not while sitting
• The Lexus defroster takes longer even on the highest fan setting
• The airflow smells musty, damp, or like mold or mildew
• Lexus Air conditioning is blowing air outdoor air temperatures than just slightly less cooler

The 4 major components which make up the Lexus Ac system are the: Expansion Valve Condensing Coil, Evaporator Coil, and the Compressor. The refrigeration cycle procedure functions by transporting heat from your Lexus passenger compartment to the surroundings outside of the vehicle.

The Lexus air conditioner uses circulating refrigerant that flows into a gas compressor situated in the engine bay of the Lexus. This gas vapor is then compressed to create a higher pressure, thus creating higher temperatures. This compressed hot refrigerant vapor in now at a pressure and temperature that can be condensed and routed through the Lexus’s condenser that is commonly located in front of the radiator of the Lexus. That is where the refrigerant is then condensed to a liquid from a vapor and is cooled by airflow across the condenser coils. This permits the circulating refrigerant to eliminate heat from the cooling system of the Lexus and all heat is carried away by airflow.

This pressurized and condensed liquid refrigerant is subsequently routed here the refrigerant gets an immediate reduction in pressure. The liquid refrigerant to experience flash evaporation, hence lowering the temperature is caused by this sudden pressure decrease. This cold refrigerant routed into the Lexus passenger compartment and is passed through the Lexus evaporator coil. The cool atmosphere then blows across the evaporator of the Lexus, causing the cold refrigerant liquid part of the mixture thereby lowering the temperature inside the Lexus passenger compartment further. To complete the refrigerant cycle within your Lexus AC system, the refrigerant vapor is then routed back to the compressor.

If you are experiencing issues with your Lexas AC, call us today. Our experienced technicians will get you back on the road fast and running cool in no time.