Mercedes Brake Repair

Mercedes-Benz Brake Repair Service

Ever get that sneaking suspicion when you take your Mercedes Benz in for a simple brake repair or replacement job that you’re overpaying or getting needless work done? An honest mechanic is able to diagnose the issue and provide honest service at an affordable price. See the map below and come to our shop in Wichita, just north on Rock Rd, to have your brakes examined and get an honest quote.

The braking system is made up of a number of complex parts covering the whole length of the vehicle, and any one of them can wear or go wrong.

How do you know when it is time for a Mercedes-Benz brake repair service? If the brake warning light comes on you must have the brakes checked by a Mercedes-Benz mechanic immediately. However, if the brake pedal is getting closer to the floor when you brake, you hear any grinding or squealing noises on braking, or the car pulls to the left or the right, these are all indications that there is something wrong.

Usually This Means The Brake Pads Have Worn

Usually this will mean that the brake pads have worn down and need replacing, but be warned: if squeaking noises continue for too long and the brake pads have worn away completely it may also involve the expense of replacement discs or brake drums.

Another problem could be that the hydraulic brake fluid is leaking or the level is too low. Brake fluid should be checked regularly and topped up as necessary. If you suspect a leak you should take your car for a Mercedes-Benz brake repair service at Luxury Import Specialists in Wichita, KS, call us at 316-440-5309.

Anti-Lock Braking System

There are other parts to the braking system which can develop faults as well. The anti-lock braking system is operated by a series of valves and pumps under the watchful eye of a computer which senses when a wheel is about to lock up and reduces the pressure to that brake until it sees the wheel start to accelerate. Then it increases the pressure again until it senses a deceleration. It does this very rapidly, before the wheel can change speed significantly: some anti-lock braking systems can apply and remove pressure to and from the brake as many as fifteen times a second.

As you can readily see, there is a lot more to the braking system of your Mercedes-Benz than meets the eye. It is designed totally with your safety in mind, so if you suspect that there is anything wrong or that a part is worn it makes sense to have it checked as soon as possible by our Mercedes-Benz brake repair service.

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