Land Rover A/C Repair

Land Rover A/C Repair Service in Wichita

Need the air condition fixed in your Land Rover? We are a luxury auto repair company that services Land Rover vehicles as a specialty in Wichita.

We can repair or replace compressors, condensers, receiver dryers, evaporators and hoses in Land Rovers. Occasionally debris can fall into the AC system and damage it, some mechanics will just replace the entire system.  At our shop we will actually do the extra work to pull it apart, scan for debris and only replace or repair the parts that need it, saving our customers more money in the long run.

Sometimes it’s as simple as a lose hose or an AC flush instead of a replacement. Occasionally turning the AC on even in the winter can keep the seals lubricated so they don’t dry up and crack from prolonged periods of no use.

If you happen to notice any change in the temperature, take it to the shop before a leaky seal turns into debris inside the Land Rover’s compressor.

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