Porsche 928

Porsche 928

Porsche 928 (1948-1965) Auto Repair In Wichita

We’ve been doing Porsche 928 repair in Wichita, KS for over 15 years and have served over 2,000 customers.

We do auto repair for the following on the Porsche 928, years 1948-1965.

    • Porsche Factory Scheduled Maintenance
    •  Major & Minor – A,B,C,D,E and F Services
    •  A/C Service & Repair
    •  Brake System
    •  Check Engine Light Diagnostics
    •  Electrical System Diagnostics and Repair
    •  Suspension & Steering Repair
    •  Complete Computer System Diagnostics
  •  Cooling System Service & Repair
  •  Tires – Mounting, Balancing & Flat Repair
  •  Complete Bumper to Bumper Service & Repair
  •  We Accept Extended Warranties

As a preferred Porsche vendor and one highest rated and well reviewed auto repair shops in Wichita, we not only love what we do, but we know you love your car. We treat you, and your car, like family.

Top Porsche 928 Auto Repair in Wichita

We pride ourselves on quality and service. No gimmicks or surprise charges.

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About The Porsche 928

he Porsche 928 is a luxury grand tourer produced by Porsche AG of Germany from 1978 to 1995. Originally intended to replace the company’s iconic 911, the 928 combined the power, poise, and handling of a sports car with the refinement, comfort, and equipment of a luxury saloon. Porsche executives believed such a flagship would have wider appeal than the compact, quirky and sometimes difficult 911.

The 928 has the distinction of being the company’s first production V8 powered model and the only coupé powered by a front-mounted V8 engine.

By Andrew Bone from Weymouth, England – Porsche 928S4 (1990), CC BY 2.0, Link